Music Lesson Registration is now open! Please register as soon as possible to secure a place for your child/ren.

We offer 10 individual and group music and voice (singing) lessons per term and these are taught by qualified specialist music teachers.

Children usually follow the syllabus of the Associated Board, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Trinity College London or RGT syllabuses.

A commitment to regular practice is essential. These lessons are offered during the school day and last for either 15 or 20 minutes.

For the sake of a child’s academic progress it is not possible for a child to be registered to more than TWO disciplines within school time in any one term.

Instruments & Hire:

We recommend as strongly as we can and encourage that children have access to their instrument discipline at home for regular practice. We advise a good keyboard with a weighted key action could be used to start with or a starter keyboard for absolute beginners. A 1/2 or 3/4 sized guitar will be suitable for beginners.


All lessons require a child to practice on a regular basis. If a child does not follow the practice/homework routine recommended, the lessons will lose their value. We all want the children to achieve success and lessons are a commitment for everyone concerned. The children need to be aware of this and should be encouraged to value the experience, be willing to practice and arrive well prepared for lessons.


Parents should have suitable insurance for children’s instruments which are brought into school. The company takes the best care possible to see that instruments are kept sensibly during the day, but cannot take responsibility against damage or theft.


If you wish to cancel individual lessons at any time, you must give half a term’s notice, otherwise half a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice. Please complete the relevant form to cancel lessons which is available from the parents peripatetic page.

Trial Lessons:

All of our peripatetic teachers are happy to offer an initial block of 5 lessons, after which progress and aptitude can be discussed without any further obligation. The charge for these five trial lessons is 50% of the term fee. You will receive an email at the end of the fourth lesson, for you to state whether or not you wish your child to continue after the fifth lesson. It is important that this is completed before the fifth lesson, otherwise you will be charged for further lessons.

Trial lesson are run at the beginning of the term where space permit.

General Information:

If you would like your child to take individual music or voice lessons during the school day, please complete the Application Form below. Some lists are full as priority is given to existing students, but if that is the case, your child can be placed on a waiting list.

Lessons are normally arranged during the school day. The lessons are timetabled on a ‘rolling’ rota basis during the day so that it is unlikely for a child to miss their lesson.

Lesson times are posted on our Online Music Portal which is our electronic attendance register, scheduler and communications platform. If there are problems/conflicts with a specific lesson time, the Accounts Manager will make adjustments as needed, where possible.


The charge for the Autumn Term 2019-2020 will be:-

£90 per term for individual piano, guitar, voice, saxophone, flute, drums & ukelele 20 minute lessons,

£70 per term for individual piano, guitar, voice, saxophone, flute, drums & ukelele 15 minute lessons,

£50 per term for 15 minute piano, recorder & guitar group lessons.

All lessons will be charged in advance before the end of the previous term to aid our administration and scheduling processes.

When do lessons start for the autumn term?

Music lessons for the autumn term will start in the week beginning the 9th September 2019. If a pupil joins a lesson part way through the term you will receive verbal confirmation followed by a Welcome Email along with login details to our Online Music Portal.  Please check your calendar area on the Online Music Portal for your start date.

When will I get a music lesson welcome email for lessons?

You will receive your welcome email after a space arises and you confirm that you wish to proceed with lessons.

When will I get my invoice?

Invoices will be sent by email shortly after registering. It is important that you pay this invoice in full within two weeks of receiving it to secure your childs place.

How do I pay?

Please follow the payment instructions on the invoice. You can pay by Faster Payment by entering your surname and invoice number as your reference or via our secure online payment system provided by the online merchant Stripe via an individual secure payment link.

Does A-Star Music accept Music Tuition vouchers?

A-Star Music does not accept Music Tuition vouchers as these are issued by Essex Music Services for use against the cost of their own lessons only.

Do I get credit or refund for a missed lesson?

If a pupil misses a lesson due to a school INSET day or because the teacher is not available, then this lesson is made up later in the term by crediting your account or rescheduling the lesson. If you think your child may have missed a lesson, please refer to the Online Music Portal, which is an area that records a log of each lesson held and is used for communication between teacher, pupil and parent.

There may be occasions when your child is unable to attend a lesson (for example sickness or family holidays), however, as these occasions are beyond our control we cannot offer any credit or refund.

When do lessons take place?

Lessons take place weekly during the school day.

Do we provide group or individual lessons to beginners?

In most cases, beginners will be offered group lessons as most pupils find it more fun to learn with their friends. Group lessons give pupils the chance to learn from each other and to start playing ensemble music. Group lessons may change over time to accommodate pupils’ individual needs and in these cases we will offer the most appropriate group or individual lesson.

Will an instrument be provided?

We have partnership with organisations who will provide hire and we sell a number of instruments on our online store. Please contact us for more information.

Will learning an instrument help my child’s education ?

Yes, very much so. There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that children learning an instrument do better at school. Learning an instrument allows pupils to express themselves and grow in self-confidence whilst developing other skills such as hand and eye coordination, spatial and social skills, and self-reliance. They also develop better memories and are more likely to enjoy being at school.

Does A Star Music offer any other opportunities?

Regular workshops on various instruments are held throughout the year. There are also local and national concerts on offer for the children.

How do I apply for music lessons?

By completing the form below.

If I sign up and my child is placed the waiting list, what happens next?

After you apply for lessons your child may be placed on a waiting list if we are over subscribed. When a suitable lesson slot is available we will contact you with the lesson details and terms and conditions after which lessons can be set up and confirmation will be sent.

Will my child be able to take Grade exams?

A Star Music pupils can be entered for grade examinations through Trinity Guildhall, ABRSM or RGT. Your child’s teacher will notify you when they are ready and provide you with the relevant information. We prefer to only enter a candidate when their playing is at a secure merit level.

Please ensure you only register for lessons on an instrument discipline offered at your child’s school